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We are from a distant village in Andhra Pradesh and we would love to know as foodies. Our buds always tingle for a new, authentic, and exotic taste. Our journey was exciting until we had to move for the carrier, there begins the horror! We miss the home food, it's never like the before & decided to cook instead of dining out, no success with that either but this time we found the culprit and it’s the ‘ingredients’. It’s not about the wrong combination of ingredients but the QUALITY of ingredients, so whenever we go on holiday we used to bring the masalas & spices from our villages and this change really did the magic! This quality fiend has no limits and is everywhere pickles, meat, fruits, dry fruits, honey, milk… soon I’ll be tired of typing but the list doesn’t end any sooner. The worst is I couldn’t even start my day with good milk and I couldn’t find a better solution to it.

This COVID lockdown, we really enjoyed a lot in our village and decided to extend the opportunity to everyone. So that’s how it’s all begun, we designed a medium (mobile application) from where you could get all the super quality products direct to your home. We’re making baby steps to reach you all out there, soon fill Health & happiness in your homes!

How do we make sure of quality: We collect Milk from small-scale framers in neighbouring villages to your city & then will bottle them, no preservatives, no adulteration, untouched & unaltered, pure, hygiene, fresh, quality milk directly from farmers. 100% fresh pure milk, you’ll get the milk within a couple of hours after milking from cattle.
Pickles: We’ve our special team of grannies in our village helping us in making, quality control & enriching with authentic taste.
Spices n dry fruits: We’ll import first grade, export quality, premium & exotic spices n dry fruits from Kerala & other special places.

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MnM Specials

Specials are special to everyone and we feel special to bring you the specials, MnM Specials!

We went on all adventures from sweet 7 sisters of east to pleasant, calm & refreshing Kanyakumari and then to sacred Himalayas, leaving no stone unturned to bring you the Purest, finest, exotic & healthy specials

How we Care for you

Drug Free!

We ensure no antibiotics and drugs are used. It's the main reason we don't deal with dairy farms or poultries where we have no control. We get in touch with farmers regularly and ensure the safety!

Farm fresh

Everything you get is fresh, pure & hygiene. We proudly say everything is handmade & no machines involved in core product making. You'll get milk at your door step withing a few couple of hours after milking, with that you could imagine, how we care about freshness!


If you ask us, what we believe in? We'll say quality & health shouldn't be a choice and they are basic right of everyone! Our mission is to ensure everyone have access to quality & healthy food. We'll bring happiness & health to your homes


We love you! and for the same reason we love to bring all the specials to you with great love.

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Milk n More delivers farm fresh purest milk, free from steroids, adulteration & alteration. Whether it’s buffalo, cow, or goat milk, you can have it all delivered to you, that too twice-a-day, morning & evening. Unlike most milk delivery apps, Milk n More procures milk directly from small scale farmers who let their cattle roam, feed them natural fodder, and treat them with love

Local Business

What makes the Milk n More app stand out is how it provides complete information about milk including its origin, farmer details, cattle species & its health history, and timeline details for milking, procurement, bottled and delivery. In fact, the brand is so proud of their transparent model that they even invite their customers for a real field visit (a big deal for sure!)

Your health is our priority. We care for you!